Habibs Hair and Beauty


Habibs.co is a globally recognised platform owned by Habib Ahmed to create an impact in the world of beauty and wellness all over the world. Having 52+ years of experience and expertise in dealing with beauty and wellness, Habib’s strive to be in the good books and cover various areas through franchising in Pune, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and so many more. 

Habibs have been targeting the shopping options for various shopaholics in skin care and hair care, plus providing the necessary contact details through forms over the digital assets at Habib’s. The process should be made very transparent and smoother for online customers with right navigation.

Our Objective
LiveBrains , being an effective lead in handling web development services and E-commerce, highly pays attention to the keen details that need to be presented through franchise locations, display of right products at the right page for buying, and contact forms for an ultimate user experience . And we did 360 degree SEO to reach right audience.
Our Challenges