iTrak IQ Mobile App UI UX Designing


Itrakiq is a modern way of tracking vehicles for their speed, distance, latitude, longitude and a variety of similar features. The application offers ample features that are necessary to keep an eye towards safety and maintenance of vehicles in the long run. Toyoja strives to provide most of the most automated services online like GPS assets, security guard management, food and restaurant solutions, health and wellness portals and so on.

Toyoja being an established online platform for developing wonderful applications, one such being Itrakiq urges for a suitable app logo design. The design should be meaningful enough and depicting the right message to attract the right set of audience through it at the first. Moreover, the app design should be extremely user-friendly directing app users to setup and login into accounts and access the details smoothly. 

Process & Results
Janaki Bharath, already attained hands-on expertise in web development services including logo/ app icon designs, takes up on designing the best app icon for Itrakiq. Also, working upon keeping up with user-friendly app features like setting up the account, login in verification, password reset, highlighting tracking details like speed, distance, gps update and so on through a smart user-interface.