Myths of SEO


The truth is that most myths are harmless, but the same can’t be said for most of the SEO myths we hear today. At best, they’re slightly misleading and at worst, they lead you to waste precious time, money and resources on things that will never improve your search engine results for any substantial period of time.

SEO myths are among the most pressing issues, especially among businesses. These have been affecting their business in a negative way, and many people are afraid to take up SEO services due to their fear of SEO myths. The fact is that SEO myths are also the prime reasons why big organizations fail to attract their dream clients. 

There are 5 Silly Myths we are going to discuss in this blog

5 SEO MYTHS That Effecting Your Business

1) Only Branded Company blogs get More traffic from google

There may be a grain of truth in the argument that websites which wield authority on a subject may rank higher at times. Google may give a position of privilege to certain sites for their authority, which is why many bloggers tend to get more traffic from SEO than others.

Many of us believe that only limited blogs get popular and get more traffic from search engine ranking. Though there may be some truth in the logic, it is not how you think. It’s not a myth, it’s just a myth

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If you survey the top blogs on the web, most of them get a lot of traffic from Google. In fact, if you look at the top 10 traffic drivers, 8 out of 10 are blogs or websites that are still relatively new. How can this be? Well, it turns out that there are some very specific things that many new blogs do very well.

One of the things that they do well is that they focus on long tail keywords. They avoid phrases which are common and hence invite a lot of competition. In line with this, you should search and find out blogs who rank on these long tail keywords. How it helps is that you get to understand your competition and figure out how to go about it.

2 SEO is difficult Google always change the terms

Yes, you are right. But partially. Google does keep changing or modifying the rules of the game. And such changes happen often with their regular updates. So, it can be said that they are never wrong in making such changes when it comes to improving their user experience and increasing user friendliness.

The only way to prevent them from doing so is to do your own research and see if there is something better than what Google has already provided – then act on it. It not damage Your SEO so no need to worry the only worry is  if you do Seo in a wrong way that damage your chances to show at SERP


To start with, identify 1-2 focus keywords per page. That way, you can optimize for terms that are most relevant for your business or website. Quality content that is relevant and creates value is irreplaceable. So you should also focus on creating content that is unique, original and relevant. Google loves such content!. So SEO is not too difficult 

3) Keywords are no longer Relevant

 search engines cannot operate if they cannot get those vital clues in the form of keywords. This is a fact that we all know by now, but let’s take it one step further: Search engine spamming (or keyword stuffing) was once a legitimate technique for gaining traffic or becoming more visible for competitive keywords.

However, in today’s world with ever-evolving algorithms, there are other factors like quality content and user experience that can help you rank on the first page of Google.

It’s not a myth anymore. Keywords are quite important in 2023, especially in order to make your content more relevant and valuable to search engines.  Use them strategically in the subheadings and make sure that you put them in the URL, page title or meta description but don’t overdo it.

4) Guest Blogging is not effective

A guest posting is about getting exposure for your website or blog. In this case, Google will detect whether your post is genuine or not. This is best achieved by writing a clean and well-written post on a relevant topic.

Guest writing is not in some way dead or dying. There are still guest posting opportunities out there. Make sure you select the right kind of opportunities, though, if you want to get paid for your work.

5) Google it create new post by its own

Google Search Console offers a great way to make sure that Google knows what you are doing and helps your business grow. A lot of bloggers (including myself) have found it to be a great way to market our own products and services, as well.

You can keep Google in the loop about every new post and every page on your blog or website; all you need to do is sign up, enter some data like your web address or e-mail address, then start creating content.

Google will not discover your content on its own. You have to keep your products and services updated, just like if it were a social media account. The more you update it, the better Google knows what it’s looking for and how to find it. If the site doesn’t contain any errors, there is no need for an XML sitemap as Google will naturally crawl your site and discover new content when needed.

Conclusion :

SEO is all about getting the basics right from the very beginning and doing it in a way that is as straightforward as possible. Google knows SEO. You need to understand its principles, how it works and how you can make use of these principles for your website. So dont keep any myth on SEO . Livebrains give the Memorable SEO Services and remove your all myths from your brain regarding SEO